Thank you for your help. You were the most efficient and professional out of all 3 people I worked with on this. I will definitely give you referrals.
You got my business because you recognized that my time was valuable and listened to what I ultimately wanted. It is your years and level of experience that gave you a leg up. You were not bound by rules and guidelines. You have done this long enough to know what risks to take and who to take risks on. I get very frustrated with banks and inexperienced lenders that go by their little structured guidelines and formulas.
I passed your contact information to my financial planner. Her name is Sheila. Sheila and I used to work at a financial planning firm together for 7 years. Trevor helped me find it, you helped me finance it, and Sheila helped confirm that I could afford it!"

Thank You for doing a great job on my behalf, I will finalize things and move forward with you and Jeff, and I will be referring people to you due to the display of professionalism and customer service provided by you."
Kind Regards,
Nick B

"Len, it was an extreme pleasure doing business with you. We cannot imagine doing business with anyone different in the future. It will be with great pleasure that we refer you to anyone we know. Your honesty and professionalism are commendable."
Alyssa and Dave H.


Thanks so much for helping me with the purchase of my first investment property. Your creative solutions, absolute professionalism and timely responses always exceeded my high expectations. I’ll be referring customers to you for years to come."

Chad M


"Hi Len

Just got an E mail from my notary saying that we have completed on 606.

Well, what a mission that was! Couldn’t have done it without you and I feel that we are almost old friends it has taken so long. I hope that most of your transactions aren’t such a pain.

We have learnt a few lessons along the way. One of them is that it’s great to have a broker cos they have to do all the hard work!

Thanks a lot mate...I’ll make sure that I use you for all my future Canadian mortgage requirements and be sure to recommend you to all that will listen."

Cheers, Max M


"Hi Len,

Both Tommy and I really appreciate the time that you put in and would like to continue to work with you in the future.

If there’s anything that we can do for you, ie. writing a recommendation letter etc. Let us know, and we’ll be glad to do so.

BTW, thanks for the referral to Teresa, she registered us and set us up for the opportunity to buy on Saturday which saved us $10k from the Sunday’s price."


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